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CEOs Talk Inflation

CEOs Talk Inflation

April 19, 2023

Over the next several weeks, we will hear from corporate leaders as they update investors on their first-quarter financials and provide a glimpse into the rest of the year.

But this quarter, the actual financial results may be of only secondary importance. Investors will be more interested to hear what corporate leaders say about the future, especially in light of a more uncertain economic outlook.

One hot topic will be inflation. Investors will want to know whether inflation increases overall costs and whether companies may pass those costs to customers through price increases.

In the accompanying chart, you can see where households across the country are experiencing inflation. While some prices are trending lower, others remain stubbornly high.

I’ll be watching corporate reports to see if any new trends are starting to emerge beyond the inflation story. If you hear something interesting, let me know. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.