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Here’s an idea for you! Share the sweetness through leftover Halloween candy donations

Here’s an idea for you! Share the sweetness through leftover Halloween candy donations

November 01, 2023

Snickers! Skittles! Starbursts!

While we have our favorites, we are equal-opportunity candy lovers, undoubtedly in the same way you are. But you can ingest only so many M&Ms before it’s time to get back to normal. Luckily, there are quite a few places where donating leftover candy will help you get it off your hands, but it can also help you transition into the next season through the giving spirit.

Send it to our troops. The Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops organization is a Halloween Candy collection program that gathers leftover Halloween candy and sends it to deployed service members and veterans. Click here to find businesses near you collecting shipments. You can also ship your candy directly to the Soldiers’ Angels. See the address and stipulations through the link above.

Check with your dentist. Dentists — particularly children’s dentists — often have programs to help unload all those sugary extras from parents. There are often local programs, so reaching out to your dentist is an excellent start. You can also visit Halloween Candy Buyback, which works with dentists nationwide, to see if there is one participating near you.

Local food pantries. Another option is to check with your local food pantries and/or homeless shelters. Many need extra items, especially at this time of year, and some sweet treats can put a smile on someone’s face that needs them most.

Children’s hospitals. Children’s hospitals always look for fun ways to bring some added cheer to patients this time of year, particularly for little kids who must miss out on Halloween because of illness or injury. Call ahead to find out if yours is taking candy donations and for the best drop-off time.

Give to the elderly. Nursing homes are another excellent option for donations. A little treat can brighten someone’s day.


Happy donating!